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Typical Gysin Planetary Gearbox Options

Virtually any custom option will be given serious consideration. Please send us your drawings and/or specifications. We will do our best to comply accordingly.  

Typical Custom Options include the following:

- Minimal Backlash Provisions for Precision Servo Applications.

- Alternate Materials of Construction.

    (Stainless Steel, etc.)

- Mounting Adapters for virtually any drive motor design.

- Additional Stages for higher gear ratios.

    (1 to 3 stages are standard. Up to 5 are available.)

- Alternate Output Shaft Designs. (Spline, key-way, etc.)

- Alternate Mounting Configurations.

- Reinforced Bearings to withstand high radial loads.

- Pinions machined into customer supplied motor drive shafts,

   when required.

- Alternate Lubricants in bearings and gearbox for Low and High Temperature


- Open Construction for Oil and Gas Applications, where units operate

   submerged in high temperature and high pressure hydraulic oil. Here the

   intent is for the oil to flow through the interior to both provide lubrication

   and to equalize pressure inside and out.

- Provisions for Sterilizing in an Autoclave.

    (Common for medical applications.)

- FDA Approved Lubricants.

    (Typical for medical applications. Also, will not contaminate seawater if

    an underwater accident were to occur.)